Tips to Losing Weight

Losing WeightPeople now-a-days have become very conscious about their body. Everyone wants to look beautiful, attractive and slim. Losing your weight helps in many ways other than giving you an excuse to buy new clothes. By losing 5% to 10% of your body weight, you can improve your overall health and also reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease and other health issues.

Here are some tips which will help you lose weight easily:

  • Write what you eat:

For one week, write down the things you eat in your food diary. People who make food diaries always end up eating 15% less food than the ones who do not. And be careful what you eat on weekends because you might end up having extra 115 calories primarily from alcohol and fat.

Keys to weight loss freedom

weight loss freedomLosing weight is not an easy job. It is said that you need a lot of willpower for that. But according to Dr. Phil it is not at all about will power. It is all about what you eat, where you eat, when you eat, why you eat. He has written a book in which he has mentioned the keys to weight loss freedom. He has mentioned 7 keys. They are:

  • Key #1 – Right Thinking:

Keep your negative thoughts and self-defeating thoughts aside. These thoughts can affect your decisions in developing new behavior. It often happens that these negative thoughts are accepted unchallenged. Always monitor your thoughts and challenge to see if they are true. If not replace them by thinking something that works.

Some guidelines that’ll help to reduce fats much faster

reduce fats much fasterGoing heavy on the weights, walking on the treadmill like never before and training hard every day, it’s not enough to get the curves you desire! A beer with a friend or the irresistible burger at lunch, are sufficient to ruin all your work in the gym! So what do you?

It is said that the diet you follow is about 65% of what you need to get those curves. So you certainly can’t ignore the effects that the food you eat will have on your body, could you?

Along with working out in gym, doing regular cardio exercises, it’s important for you to follow a very strict diet plan. Pick up a plan that is flexible, easy to follow and includes whatever you like while still keeping within the simple guidelines outlined below: